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Street Fighter Alpha 3, known as Street Fighter Zero 3 (ストリートファイターZERO 3) in Japan and Asia, is a 1998 fighting game by Capcom originally released for the CPS II arcade hardware. The third entry in the Street Fighter Alpha series, it was released after Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, but before 3rd Strike. The gameplay system from the previous Alpha games was given a complete overhaul with the addition of three selectable fighting styles based on Street Fighter Alpha (A-ism; called Z-ism in Japan), Street Fighter Alpha 2 (V-ism), and Super Street Fighter II Turbo (X-ism), new stages, a much larger roster of characters, and new theme music for all the returning characters.


Fight fiercely as all your favorite classic characters like Ken Masters, Ryu and Chun-Li, plus get your hands on 4 new, cool brawlers with all-new moves. Show off your superior skill by battling your friends via Wi-Fi.


Street Fighter Alpha 3 discards the “Manual” and “Auto” modes from the previous Alpha games and instead offers three different playing styles known as “isms” for players to choose from. The standard playing style, A-ism (or Z-ism in Japan), is based on the previous Alpha games, in which the player has a three-level Super Combo gauge with access to several Super Combo moves.

Download Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX PSP ISO

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Developer(s) Capcom
Crawfish Interactive (GBA)
Publisher(s) PlayStation and Dreamcast

  • JP / NA: Capcom
  • PAL: Virgin Interactive
Composer(s) Takayuki Iwai
Yuki Iwai
Isao Abe
Hideki Okugawa
Tetsuya Shibata
Series Street Fighter
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
June 29, 1998
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Up to 2 players simultaneously
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system CPS-2
Sega NAOMI (Zero 3 Upper)

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