Suikoden II (USA) PS1 / PSX High Compressed

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Like its predecessor, Suikoden II is a Japanese-style role-playing game with a story that focuses on war, friendship and betrayal. As in the previous game, the goal it to build an army and participate in a war, defending the lives of the innocents. Once again it is possible to recruit 108 characters (Stars of Destiny), as well as build and customize a castle that serves as headquarters for the army. The main bulk of the gameplay, however, is traditional RPG exploration and character growth.

Together with turn-based party combat, which allows up to six active player-controlled combatants, there are also a few strategic battles, which are quite different from those of the first Suikoden: the player has to move squads on a grid field, trying to surround the enemies and eventually defeat them.


Download Suikoden 2 PS1(PSX) High Compressed

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