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Tales of Eternia (Japanese: テイルズ オブ エターニア Hepburn: Teiruzu Obu Etānia), known as Tales of Destiny II in its original North America release, is a role-playing video game published by Namco as the third main title in their Tales series. Initially released for the PlayStation in November 2000 in Japan, an English version was later released in North America in September 2001. It was developed by members of Telnet Japan’s “Wolfteam”, who had previously worked on its predecessors Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Destiny.


Reid Hershel, Farrah Oersted, and a mysterious girl named Meredy must embark on a journey to learn the truth on the fate of their world. The story begins when Reid and Farrah attend to the crash of a spaceship near their hometown, Rashea. As they investigate the place of the incident, a weird blue animal leads them to a young girl injured by the crash who speaks an unknown language. Further on, Reid and Farrah learn that the mysterious girl, named Meredy, came here to prevent a deadly collision between her planet, Celestia, and Reid and Farrah’s world, Inferia. Control 1 character out of a party of 4 through magnificent 2D environments and 3D world maps. Master the “Tales of” Linear Motion Battle System; built around different striking techniques, real-time combos and spells. Discover a bunch of challenging mini games perfectly implemented to the story that will make the characters earn unique features.


The game plays similar to other Tales games, following the precedent set by previous role-playing video games in general as well. An overworld map is used to navigate from one location to another in the game’s fictional world. Cities and towns, which are populated with NPCs, are valuable sources of information, for either triggering events that move the plot forward, or extra information that fleshes out the game’s story and setting. Additionally, city merchants will exchange Gald, the in-game currency, for items or equipment that can be vital to completing the game. Progress can be saved at any time – a first for the series, and the player can also learn recipes throughout the game, using them to cook status-enhancing or healing food out of combat.

Download Tales of Eternia PSP ISO

Tales of Eternia
Developer(s) Wolfteam (PS)
Namco Tales Studio (PSP)
  • JP: Namco
  • NA: Namco
  • EU: Ubisoft
Director(s) Eiji Kikuchi
Producer(s) Shinichirō Okamoto
Designer(s) Takashi Hasegawa
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Artist(s) Mutsumi Inomata
Writer(s) Sawako Natori
Composer(s) Motoi Sakuraba
Shinji Tamura
Series Tales
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation Portable
Release PlayStation Portable

  • JP: March 3, 2005
  • AU: February 9, 2006
  • EU: February 10, 2006
Genre(s) Role-playing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

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