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Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology (テイルズオブザワールド レディアントマイソロジー Teiruzu Obu Za Waarudo Redianto Maisorojii) is a Japanese action role-playing game developed by Alfa System and published by Namco Bandai. It is part of the Tales series of video games, more specifically a part of the Tales of the World spin-off series, which heavily emphasizes the crossover appearances of characters from past games in the series.


The beloved Tales series is coming to the PlayStation Portable system. With its fast-paced, real-time battles, beautiful 3D graphics and extensive character customization, it is the ultimate handheld RPG. Engulf yourself in a world full of quests and heroic adventures anytime, anywhere!

The beautiful and prosperous ancient land of Terresia is being destroyed by the Devourer, a demonic creature from another planet. The World Tree, which created and protected this magical land, is wasting away from the Devourer’s continuous attacks. The World Tree uses what’s left of its strength to call on the world’s last hope in a dark battle of survival – you.


The player creates their own, customizable player, both in statistics and physical appearance. The players must accept quests at the local guild office from a selection of five different choices at a time. Quests include defeating certain monster types, mining or harvesting certain raw ingredients, or crafting certain goods. Upon completion of quests, the player is rewarded with money and “Fame” points. Money is used to upgrade weapons and equipment, making players more powerful, while “Fame” is used to progress the game’s story.

Download Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology PSP ISO

Developer(s) Alfa System
Publisher(s) Namco (Japan and Europe)
Namco Bandai Games (North America and Australia

  • EU: Atari
Composer(s) Takuya Yasuda
Motoi Sakuraba
Go Shiina
Series Tales
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
  • JP: October 12, 2006
  • AS: December 19, 2006
  • KOR: December 31, 2006
  • NA: July 17, 2007
  • AU: September 6, 2007
  • EU: September 7, 2007
Genre(s) Action RPG
Mode(s) Single-player

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