The Legend of Dragoon (Disk 1 – 4) (USA) PSX / PS1 High Compressed

Download The Legend of Dragoon PS1 / PSX Highly Compressed


A peaceful beginning. The legend was born 10,000 years ago. A violent uprising. A civilization of flying creatures enslave the human race. A bloody war. In a bid for freedom, the humans harness the spiritual forces of Dragons and triumph. Tranquility and harmony exist between all. But the past and the future are about to collide…Unveil a fantasy of Magnificence, Deception, Magical Combat and Retribution. Transform into Dragoons and unleash extraordinary powers. Incredibly diverse characters wield unique weapons and Dragoon attacks powered by the forces of Earth, Light, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water and Darkness. Totally unique and innovative tactical combat “Additionals” System.


Download The Legend of Dragoon PS1(PSX) High Compress

Disk 1:
GoogleDrive | OneDrive | GarudaFile [194MB]

Disk 2:
GoogleDrive | OneDrive | GarudaFile [223MB]

Disk 3:
GoogleDrive | OneDrive | GarudaFile [271MB]

Disk 4:
GoogleDrive | OneDrive | GarudaFile [310MB]


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