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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is a role-playing video game developed by Nihon Falcom. Also known as Trails in the Sky FC (first chapter), the game is the first in the Trails in the Sky trilogy which also includes Trails in the Sky SC and Trails in the Sky the 3rd. Collectively, the titles create the sixth entry in the larger The Legend of Heroes series of video games.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is the first of a new trilogy in the established The Legend of Heroes RPG series. A highly detailed 3D world, beautiful original soundtrack, and unique strategic battle system showcase production values a generation beyond the previous iteration. An epic story about preserving the peace against all odds spanning over 50 hours of gameplay, with numerous optional side quests, makes this the biggest adventure ever available on a handheld system.


In Trails in the Sky, the player controls a cast of characters, embarking on a number of quests to progress the story. There are two different type of maps when navigating in the overworld of the game: field maps and town maps. In field maps, enemies roam around and a battle ensues if the player comes in contact with one. In town maps, the player can visit various shops to purchase items, replenish health at an inn and, for the major cities, take on and report quests to the local guild. In addition, the player can interact with numerous non-playable characters (NPCs) in the game; a unique aspect in Trails in the Sky is that each NPC’s dialogue changes as the game advances, allowing the player to follow along sidestories that accompany the NPCs throughout the game.

Download The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky PSP PPSSPP

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Developer(s) Nihon Falcom
  • JP: Nihon Falcom
  • WW: Xseed Games
  • EU: Ghostlight (PSP)
Director(s) Toshihiro Kondo
Producer(s) Masayuki Kato
Artist(s) Haccan
Yuu Shiina
Composer(s) Hayato Sonoda
Wataru Ishibashi
Takahide Murayama
Series Trails in the Sky
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
Release Microsoft Windows

  • JP: June 24, 2004
  • WW: July 29, 2014

PlayStation Portable

  • JP: October 28, 2006
  • NA: March 29, 2011
  • EU: November 4, 2011

PlayStation 3

  • JP: December 13, 2012

PlayStation Vita

  • JP: June 11, 2015
Genre(s) Role-playing
Mode(s) Single-player

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