Utilization of Online Technology to Become a Learning Solution for the Pandemic Period

Now online learning is the best solution in teaching and learning activities amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though there has been an agreement, it turns out that the learning system is still reaping controversy. Where this learning is less effective. Moreover, each student’s technological and economic abilities are different. A slow internet connection and even an expensive internet quota seem to be the obstacles. Even so, it turns out that learning still has to continue.

Each school also has its policy in dealing with existing regulations. Some schools are even willing to change the schedule of subjects that will be given to students. Usually, in one day there are only 3 subjects available. Coupled with the existence of an activity sheet that needs to be completed every day. So you as a parent must always monitor their child’s learning activities. Especially if the teacher gets a task that must be completed.

Utilization of Online Technology to Become a Learning Solution for the Pandemic Period

Online learning is the newest way of teaching and learning

It is undeniable that online learning is indeed the newest way available in the teaching and learning process. Of course, this learning makes use of an electronic device. So the internet becomes an intermediary for delivering material. For the elementary school teachers certainly feel constrained to undergo the learning process. It’s just that with this technology, teachers and students can connect to the learning and teaching process.

Online learning can be done only by combining several learning resources. Be it images, documents, video, or audio. If a teacher can package the learning as attractive as possible, the material presented is easily accepted by students. When students and teachers have cellphones or laptops as well as an internet network, learning can also be taken. It’s just that when the learning was implemented, various problems emerged as well as new obstacles.

The implementation of online learning is considered sudden. This allows teachers to switch to the internet as a medium for delivering material. This is one of the obstacles a teacher must face. Whereas previously the teachers did not yet have a readiness to apply this learning. Both the school and the education office have not provided training related to the use of applications that can provide support for this online learning. Before determining one of the applications used. So the teachers finally discussed with the parents in determining the application.

Most teachers prefer WhatsApp application as a learning tool. From here a teacher can monitor the learning progress of each student. From this application, the teacher can send assignments to students in various document formats, including Ms.word, Ms. PowerPoint, video links, voice messages, and so on.

The internet network becomes an obstacle when learning online

One of the most basic obstacles when implementing online learning is the internet network. The lack of access to the internet is not only felt by those who live in disadvantaged areas. It turns out that both teachers and students also experience problems with the network.

The ease of using the WhatsApp application can be hampered if the network around it experiences a disturbance. As a result, the delivery of learning material is increasingly hampered. Some teachers even have an opinion that sending messages in the form of text is easier than sending messages in the form of pictures or videos. The guardian of the students also complained about the same problem. Moreover, there are still some students from families with mediocre economies so they don’t have attractive access to undergo this online learning.

To be able to deal with these problems, the teacher finally used a portal for teaching and learning activities provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Learning management according to Law No.14 of 2005 regarding teachers and lecturers also explains the abilities that teachers need to master, of course, pedagogical abilities. Where this ability does allow teachers to manage to learn well.

When learning takes place face-to-face, the teacher also feels used to organizing and learning. It’s just that the thing that becomes an obstacle when online learning takes place is when the teacher has to choose extra learning material. Also, a teacher must be able to see the achievement of basic competencies that students need to master. So making material during online learning must be done more optimally.

Even this online learning activity was able to change teacher assessment techniques. Of course, teachers also experience difficulties in assessing their students. Usually, when learning face-to-face, the assessment is carried out naturally when students interact, communicate, and socialize with their friends. There is learning from this, all these things are lost.

These learning activities can run smoothly as long as students continue to receive good supervision from the teacher and their parents. Parents should be able to give full attention to their children. But there are times when parental supervision is getting less and less. This is because they have to divide their time both for work, taking care of the household, and even supervising their children while studying. Without any supervision from parents. Then the assignment that has been given by the teacher will not be completed.

The changes that occur in the teaching and learning process are indeed fairly fast. Especially when the Covid-19 pandemic hit as if it was preventing the education world from implementing face-to-face learning. At least this online learning system can help students understand the material that has been provided by the teacher. Although not all students are good at taking advantage of today’s technology. Students should learn to use information technology as a learning medium.

Changes in the learning process have indeed generated various responses as well as obstacles in the world of education in Indonesia. Even teachers who are at the forefront of the world of education experience such obstacles. Usually, a teacher is facilitated by a face-to-face learning system. But now a teacher must be able to provide assessments to students through this online program. Hopefully, over time, the learning and teaching process will run smoothly. Until finally a teacher who is constrained by problems with learning applications, learning management, assessment, and supervision can be done as well as possible.

It cannot be denied that the role of teachers is very important in the world of education. This is why a teacher should be able to follow the rules that have been provided. Although at first, it felt very heavy in implementing the teaching and learning process. At least the longer the learning can run smoothly as expected. Hopefully, this covid-19 virus can pass soon until finally, the world of education can return to what it used to be. Where face-to-face learning is carried out again. Meanwhile, the learning and teaching process still has to go through an online learning system for the safety of all parties. Moreover, health problems are more important than anything. As a form of preventing the spread of covid-19, this online learning is very helpful in the world of education.

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