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Wipeout Pulse (stylised as wipEout pulse) is a futuristic racing video game developed by SCE Studio Liverpool and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable. The game is the seventh instalment of the Wipeout series and serves as a sequel to Wipeout Pure. It takes place in 2207 and revolves around players competing in the FX400 anti-gravity racing league.


SCE Studios Liverpool brings the future back with this second Wipeout game for the PSP. This entry in the racing series features 24 new reversible circuits, a load of fresh high-speed vehicles and some deadly new weaponry. There’s also a new track feature called the Mag-Strip, which acts like a magnet and temporarily locks ships to the levels, enabling exciting things like loops and vertical drops.


Wipeout Pulse is a racing game set in 2198, one year after the events of Wipeout Pure. As with its predecessor, the game revolves around players competing in the FX400 anti-gravity racing league. Players pilot anti-gravity ships owned by racing corporations (collectively referred to as “teams” in-game). There are ten teams in Wipeout Pulse, with one ship available for each – although the player will have the ability to upgrade and change the appearance of their ships. Each ship has different characteristics; depending on the team chosen, its ship will vary in terms of handling, speed, acceleration and shield strength.

Download Wipeout Pulse PSP ISO

Wipeout Pulse
Developer(s) SCE Studio Liverpool
Spiral House (PS2)
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Designer(s) SCE Studio Liverpool
Series Wipeout
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2
Release PlayStation Portable

  • AU: 13 December 2007
  • EU: 14 December 2007
  • NA: 12 February 2008
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

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